Welcome to: Fleur de Lillie

In my second year of college as an Art Major, after the professors did a cursory review of my portfolio, they told me “Everything looks really good, but you just need to pick one art medium to focus on.”

One thing?

For a program that wasn’t even structured for specialization, they really weren’t here for my array of talents.

I’ve never been one for singularities, what can I say, I’m a multi-faceted icon.

So I switched to Sociology at the end of that year and never looked back. I’ve always had such a wide range of interests and passions that summing me up into one speciality was simply improbable.

Which has lead me to Fleur de Lillie.

This blog has been my brainchild for many years as I’ve wanted to establish myself as a unique content creator, but felt lost in finding my own niche and voice.

In a time where 12 year olds are getting famous on Snapchat, being a recent college grad with no future plans can leave you feeling dejected. Comparison is our drives biggest killer.

Until, that is, when I asked myself what could I talk about forever? Ad nauseam even. I wanted to be able to sum up my passions without feeling like I was summing up myself too simply. That’s where I landed on 4 main categories: travel, food, fashion, and culture. Narrow enough to stay focused but broad enough for the both of us to stick around.

Maybe you came here for the travel blogs. Maybe you came here just for the fashion. Or because I asked nicely for you to look at my blog but either way, you are here and I hope you stick around.

I’ve got big plans for Fleur de Lillie but my main goal is this: to create interesting, creative, #relatable, aesthetically pleasing, and witty content that is fun to write and even better to read.

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